The Aestheticism of the Christian “Death”

The Miners He came upon a cluster of miners’ bodies, eighteen of them bunched together in a group. Some lay curled up on their sides, others huddled on their knees. They had apparently suffocated, their faces frozen in expressions of agony.1   Death, given its uncertainties and emotionally charged nature, is a difficult topic to write

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On the Cover

The cover for the Fall 2014 issue of the Ichthus was specially designed by a guest artist and student from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Below is the artist’s description for the cover, including an explanation of what confession personally means to her. Confession to me is throwing away my personal opinions and agenda and agreeing

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Will’s Summer Reading List

The following are texts I’m suggesting for fellow (Christian) travelers this summer. Some are novels, some aren’t; some are books, some aren’t. The only unifying element is that I hope these texts may be of possible use or interest to you this summer, and that they might help you grow in the faith in the

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The Trial of God

The Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov is Ivan Karamazov’s (a rank materialist and atheist) tale to Alyosha (a young Christian mystic) of Christ’s revisit to earth (Spain) during the period of the Inquisition. In Ivan’s story, Christ appears out of nowhere and is almost instantly recognized as divine, powerful, radiant, and full of

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The precise meaning of סֶלָה  (selah) still escapes modern and ancient Hebrew scholars alike. The word is used primarily in Psalms and appears to be a musical term. It could mean “to weigh,” “to praise,” or “to pause.” Many view the meaning as a combination of the three, that is, “to pause and praise/think.” Right

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